The Week in Pictures: Names, Claims, and Autonubiles

A few readers have—shall I say—”observed” that while this humble weekly feature ends with armed cheesecake, we aren’t offering up any gender balance, which is only right to correct since indeed we don’t want to be known as just a “laddies” site, as they’d say in the UK.  So we’re going to start fixing this asymmetry.  And since it’s the Masters Tournament this weekend, we can begin by following up on last week’s parting pic:

Golf Digest Parody copy

Sebelius is resigning! And we have to take her back?

Sebelius is resigning! And we have to take her back?

Putin Shark copy

Obamacare Recall copy

Pre Existing copy

Somehow, I'm sure, Obamacare caused this.

Somehow, I’m sure, Obamacare caused this.

Inquisition copy

Progressive Free Speech copyMozilla copy

Bank Robbing copy

Anarchy copy

Snakes on a PLane copyMagnesium Dating copySelfie World copy

Cat Glasses copy

Drunk copy

This is just wrong. . .

This is just wrong. . .

Rude Bikers copy

Blondie Roundabout copy

And finally. . .

Hot 87 copy


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