The Week in Pictures: Royal Baby Edition

I assume you heard the news: a new royal baby is on the way, perfectly timed for the 2016 campaign. No—I’m not talking about Will and Kate: I’m talking about the announcement of the newest member of the House of Clinton, as revealed this week by Princess Chelsea. A perfect prop for the campaign trail.  The media will surely take up a collection to buy some celebratory baby shoes, but remember not to throw them.  But let’s start with the selfie of the week year:

The ultimate selfie. . .

The ultimate selfie. . .

Hillary Shoe copy

Obama Psych ward copy

Invade Nevada copy

Nukes v Cows copy

Desert Tortoise copy

Bundy Resistance copy

Reid Terrorists copy

Obamacare Miracle copy

Keystone Politics copy

Debate Over copy

Left Thought Police copy

Not Your Dad copy

Race Card 2 copy

Maslow Reimagined copy

Marshamallow Bunny copy

Adult Easter Egg Hunt copy

Epic fail. . .

Epic fail. . .

Pollen v Death Star copy

New Californias copy

And finally. . .

Hot 150 copy