There’s something about Harry

The Washington Free Beacon has compiled the video below of Harry Reid chanting “Koch brothers” 134 times on the Senate floor. It has a formulaic quality, like the phrases Homer held in reserve to fill out dactylic hexameter lines in the Iliad and the Odyssey. What “wine-dark sea” was to Homer, “Koch brothers” is to Harry Reid.

Reid, however, isn’t in search of a formulaic phrase to fill out a metrical line. He is simply executing the latest Democratic campaign to stigmatize private citizens in the service of his partisan political purposes.

When Reid took to the floor of the Senate to lie about Mitt Romney, his target was at least a candidate for higher office. “The Koch brothers” — like Achilles and Odysseus, they have simply been turned into mythical figures.

As majority leader of the United States Senate, Reid holds one of the highest offices in the land. Using his high office to inveigh against the “Koch brothers,” Reid has shown an infinite capacity for disgrace, dishonesty and hypocrisy. He is the perfect face of the Democratic Party in the Age of Obama.


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