Tom Steyer’s Song of Himself

Tom Steyer disclaims any similarity to the Koch brothers, and we can agree with his claim to this extent: Steyer is a repulsive left-wing liar and hypocrite while the Koch brothers are paragons of virtue. That’s not what Steyer means though.

Unfortunately, the Washington Post — a prime culprit in the Koch defamation business — serves as one of the interlocutors in the interview with Steyer reported by Politico:

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer insisted Tuesday that he’s not the left’s version of the Koch brothers.

“That is not something I embrace. I think there are real distinctions between the Koch brothers and us,” Steyer said in an interview with POLITICO and The Washington Post taped for C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers,” which will air on Sunday.

Steyer, who hopes to use his vast personal fortune to make climate change a top priority in the upcoming midterm elections, said he’s not entering politics for personal gain.

Charles and David Koch’s priorities “line up perfectly with their pocketbooks — and that’s not true for us,” Steyer said.

This is an old line for Steyer. On MSNBC last year Steyer put it this way:

“I think that I’m very different from the Koch brothers in the sense that I have absolutely no personal interest in what happens except as a citizen of the United States. So whereas they’re representing points of view that are in their personal monetary interests, I’m actually representing the citizens of the whole country in terms of their diffuse interests against concentrated economic interests that the Koch brothers represent.”

Well, you probably have to be following John Hinderaker’s work on Power Line to understand the depth of the falsehood and deceit conveyed here, both as to the Koch brothers and to Steyer himself.

Walt Whitman conceded that he contradicted himself and only claimed to “contain multitudes.” That’s not good enough for Steyer. Steyer claims to represent the whole country. What a pretentious crock. “Myself am Hell” would be more like it.