Tuesday in Boulder: Richard Brookhiser

Brookhiser copyFor Power Line readers in the Denver-Boulder area, I’m hosting my last visiting speaker of the semester on Tuesday: Richard Brookhiser of National Review, and author of many fine books about the Founders and Lincoln.  (See, for example, his recent Wall Street Journal weekend essay “What Would Lincoln Do?“)  He’ll be speaking Tuesday at 5:30 pm on the topic “How the Founders Are the Fathers of Lincoln.”  See here for more information and background on Richard.

The lecture will be the Duane Physics Building, room G1B20, which is a little out of the way, but here’s a map, showing it is across the street from the south end of the football stadium.

Jon Huntsman is also speaking later in the evening (though not for me).  The University originally was selling tickets for his appearance, but has announced now that Huntsman’s speech will be free.  Which may tell you something.

I’ll be doing three evening lectures on contemporary politics on Tuesdays next month.  Stay tuned for further details.


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