We Need Another Koch Brother!

The Associated Press tabulates Federal Election Commission findings, and finds that Democrats have opened up a big advantage among outside groups:

Deep-pocketed donors are turning over multimillion-dollar checks to influence November’s elections, and the sums raised by the national parties and their super PAC allies are already approaching the $1 billion mark, according to financial reports still being filed Tuesday evening. …

Democrats, at least for the moment, seem to have a roughly 3-to-1 advantage over Republicans in cash raised and banked through independent groups, according to the early filings.

These filings do not include 501(c)(4)s, so Americans For Prosperity, for example, is not included. But they illuminate an important point: labor unions and rich liberals give Democrats a huge fundraising advantage. Conservatives and Republicans need groups like AFP to come anywhere near evening the odds. Which is why the Democrats are so eager to shut down the 501(c)(4)s. They want their massive spending advantage back.