“A Day Without Power Line Is Like a Day Without Sunshine”

For the latest in our occasional “Who Reads Power Line?” series, herewith Prof. Jean Yarbrough, the Gary M. Pendy Professor of Social Science at Bowdoin College, and author of Theodore Roosevelt and the American Political Tradition, which we’ve featured here before.

I visited Jean and lectured at Bowdoin last month, and it was a highly enjoyable visit–especially Dick Morgan’s ample supply of good single malts.  Along the way, Prof. Yarbrough offers this endorsement:

Of course, one problem with this endorsement is that this winter in Maine (and at Power Line World Headquarters in Minnesota, too), there were quite a few days without sunshine.  Fortunately you don’t ever have to go a day without Power Line!  Maybe we’ll adopt a new slogan: “Power Line: Bringing Sunshine Into the Darkest Days.”


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