Analyze this

Yesterday’s New York Times featured Nicholas Confessore’s long page-one story on David (mostly) and Charles Koch. I wrote about it in “A campaign you may have missed.”

Today’s Times brings Confessore’s relatively brief story on Tom Steyer, a sort of (hypocritical and narrowly self-interested) liberal counterpart to the public-spirited involvement of the Koch brothers. Steyer has committed to raising $100 million promoting “climate” issues on behalf of Democratic Senate campaigns this year. Confessore reports that Steyer has now contributed $5 million to a “super PAC” dedicated to keeping Democrats in control of the United States Senate.

Well, what about it? Confessore notes that Republican “have sought to paint [Steyer] as a one-man special interest group using his money to get Democrats to stop the Keystone project.” The story is lacking in details, numbers, background — everything an intelligent reader would want to know to understand what is happening or to evaluate a Republican charge that, so far as one can ascertain from Confessore’s story, has not even been made yet.