Annals of the killer rabbit phase

I found President Obama commending himself for a job well done in his handling of various foreign policy challenges in his commencement address at West Point earlier this week. I wrote about the speech briefly in “More mush from the wimp,” noting that Obama more or less congratulated himself on his handling of Russia, Syria and Iran. I facetiously included Libya, which Obama somehow overlooked.

In the video clip below, State Department spokesman Jen Psaki credits our Dear Leader for his modesty, asserting that he could have claimed more credit for his foreign policy successes than he did. According to Psaki, he is a prodigy on the world stage. You know we have entered the Killer Rabbit phase of Obama’s presidency when Psaki’s claim is mocked by the reporters hearing her out.

I’m filing this one under Laughter is the Best Medicine.

Via Washington Free Beacon (text of exchange included).