Another IRS scandal mystery

Even though President Obama has declared the innocence of all involved, we have much to learn about the illegal targeting of conservative/Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt status. Lois Lerner is supposedly under investigation by the Department of Justice for this activity that coincidentally benefited the administration and seemed to be conducted with the administration’s interests at heart.

Now we can add a few more items to be determined:

The acting deputy U.S. attorney general in charge of overseeing ‘public integrity’ prosecutions testified Friday that he doesn’t know who’s in charge of the criminal investigation of Lois Lerner, the former IRS official at the center of the tea-party targeting scandal.

David O’Neil, whose job atop the DOJ’s criminal division puts him in charge of public corruption prosecutions, told Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan that he also doesn’t know how many prosecutors are assigned to the case, or how many attorneys from his division are working on it.

Asked to identify the lead agent in the Lerner investigation, O’Neil would only answer, ‘I’m sure that we can provide that information to you.’

I’m sure he can, but will he? That too is to be determined.