Dartmouth Happy

My youngest daughter is a happy Dartmouth junior. She loves college and she loves Dartmouth.

Outside of the classroom, her sorority is at the center of her life on campus. She loves her sorority sisters, and we understand why. They are outstanding young women.

I therefore throw up my hands at the negative publicity a few bad apples have created on campus, and the administration’s surrender to them. If the school won’t speak up on its own behalf, who will?

Dartmouth student Jake Gaba (’16) will. He has entered the fray with a strident video protest. It’s called “Dartmouth Happy.”

My daughter explains: “This kid has gotten a TON of attention for making these videos where he lip syncs a song and documents the places he goes. Given the campus climate he made this one called ‘Dartmouth Happy.'” This is her brief review: “The video is great.” She is “happy” with the video’s positive portrayal of campus life. Here is the video:

I’m “happy” that Baker Library is featured prominently in the video and that the Sanborn House library makes a cameo appearance. My own dreams of Dartmouth always center on the Hopkins Center for the Arts; Mr. Gaba captures it in the video as well, along with Rollins Chapel.

Mr. Gaba’s other videos are posted here. His video “Guy dances across China in 100 days” has generated more than 600,000 views. The Dartmouth talked with him about the China video in an interview posted here.