Democrats’ Misuse of Capitol Visitor Center for Partisan Rally Draws Ethics Complaint

We have written several times about the spectacle of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi commandeering the Capitol building’s Visitor Center to screen a partisan video by the far-left Robert Greenwald. To all appearances, the Democrats’ use of this taxpayer-funded space was illegal. Yet Reid and Pelosi, when apprised of the relevant legal issues, went ahead anyway.

They probably shouldn’t have bothered. The turnout was risible, possibly 40 people, mostly Democratic Party staffers and reporters. The Washington Post didn’t even cover the event. Now, it appears that all Nancy Pelosi got for her trouble was an ethics complaint. The complaint, from the President of the Traditional Values Coalition, is cogently stated. Click to enlarge:

Ethics Complaint 1
Ethics Complaint 2

Will the complaint go anywhere? Given that the House Ethics Committee is divided evenly between Republicans and Democrats, and Democrats have thrown off all traditional constraints, no, it won’t. Still, if Nancy Pelosi were honest I am pretty sure she would admit that she regrets having gotten mixed up with Robert Greenwald. Until last night, Greenwald’s biggest bomb was “Xanadu,” generally regarded as one of the worst motion pictures ever filmed. “Xanadu” earned Greenwald the first Razzie ever awarded for Worst Director, but at least it drew an audience of more than 40.