Gary Peters: working for billionaires, not Michigan

The Michigan Senate race between Democrat Gary Peters (a congressman) and Republican Terri Lynn Land is more competitive than one might have anticipated. Indeed, the RCP average has Peters ahead by only 1.6 points. I suspect that the real spread is closer to the 5 points reflected in the two most recent polls, one by a Republican outfit; the other by a Democratic one.

But the Peters campaign now faces a potentially devastating ad attacking him for his opposition to the Keystone Pipeline. The ad is noteworthy because it links Peters’ opposition to his connection with Democrat money man Tom Steyer.

According to the ad, Peters and Steyer held a secret meeting at the billionaire’s estate on February 19, 2014 (I love the use of a specific date). Peters has consistently voted against the pipeline, thereby assisting Steyer who is invested in Keystone’s competitor. The ad further alleges that Peters obtain big campaign contributions for his help.

The ad concludes: “Gary Peters: working for billionaires, not Michigan.” If that line sticks, Peters may be unable to overcome it.

The ad could almost have been written by our own John Hinderaker, who has shown not only that two can play the “attack the billionaire” game, but that the facts (if honestly presented) leave Democrats and their billionaire more vulnerable than they leave the Republicans.

Here’s the ad:


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