Media Alert: Talking Climate on Bill Bennett Tomorrow

I’m scheduled to be on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America tomorrow at 8:05 eastern time to talk about the latest climate change impacts report the White House has put out today.  Which means I’m going to have to read through the miserable thing.  But that’s why I’m here–so you don’t have to.  Though by this point these reports can write themselves.  More on that point in a moment.

P.S. Sat with Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner on my flight back to Washington DC this afternoon.  Gardner is challenging incumbent Democrat Mark Udall this fall, and I’ll just say this about Gardner: he’s energized, confident, and ready to roll.  If you’re so inclined, you might want to wander over to his campaign website, and send a contribution.  I’ve been meaning to note here that the TV ad war between Gardner and Udall, mostly conducted by independent groups, has been in full swing for weeks,  You’d think it was October already.  Which I take as a good sign for Gardner that the Dem establishment is spending so heavily against him already.


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