Sasse supreme

Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse prevailed in a competitive four-way primary yesterday to be the party’s candidate to succeed the retiring Mike Johanns. Sasse was recognized as the best man before the get-go by the Weekly Standard (see Mark Hemingway’s June 2013 profile) and thereafter by National Review (see John Miller’s January 2014 profile).

Sasse is young, smart, and a diehard opponent of Obamacare. He is the president of Midland University. He is a five-generation Nebraskan. What’s not to like?

For that you have to ask Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who (as Hemingway reported at the Weekly Standard) was responsible for running ads trashing Sasse leading up to the primary. Now Hemingway looks back in this report on last night’s results and my daughter Eliana reports for NRO on the reconciliation between McConnell and Sasse.

I’m pretty sure Aristotle didn’t get around to an explanation of these doings in The Politics. We can nevertheless be happy that Sasse prevailed and look forward to the important contribution he has to make in the United States Senate (contribute via Sasse for Senate).

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty weighs in here.

STEVE adds: Don’t forget that we added Sasse to the Power Line 100 last year, in a prescient move.