Sharpton versus the teleprompter, Vol. 2

The Free Beacon’s David Rutz promised us a sequel to “Sharpton versus the teleprompter,” depicting the vile Al Sharpton’s work at MSNBC. In the video below, Rutz delivers. You probably missed all this at the time.

Rutz posts volume 2 with these notes:

Al Sharpton’s ferocious battle with the English language and his own teleprompter wages on, with no end in sight.

People (Mark Rubio? Galeo? Gina De Jess Whose?), places (Where does one find the Thigh military?) and events (what caused that chaffic jam in New Jersey?) are no match for MSNBC’s silver-tongued reverend.

Permit me to repeat my own footnote to the earlier post. Jay Nordlinger demonstrated in the pages of National Review a while back that Sharpton really isn’t funny. Nevertheless, whoever first said that laughter is the best medicine had great insight into the human condition.


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