Sharpton versus the Teleprompter

The Free Beacon has posted a video (below) of the vile Al Sharpton at work on MSNBC. You probably missed all this as it happened.

David Rutz explains his handiwork in the video:

Behold the greatest battle in television news.

It’s not CrossFire or Meet the Press or reruns of Point/CounterPoint.

It’s the Rev. Al Sharpton’s war with the teleprompter and, to a greater extent, the English language.

Behold as he bungles names (who’s Rush Lumbard?), places (Latvia becomes Lavita), book titles (“Hubris” is read as Hue-Brees), organizations (The Environmental Projection Agency?) and more in this new SuperCut.

Rutz’s video arrives labeled volume 1. As befits a hit, there will be a sequel.

My friend Jay Nordlinger demonstrated in the pages of National Review a while back that Sharpton really isn’t funny. Nevertheless, whoever first said that laughter is the best medicine had great insight into the human condition.


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