Spending spree: A test

The latest message from Minnesota Senator “Al Franken” to supporters of his campaign for reelection — among whom he numbers “Hind” and which we have just received — begins: “When you think of the words ‘spending spree,’…” What do you think of when you think of the words “spending spree”? I think of Barack Obama and his cadre of hardline party supporters such as Franken.

But no, that is not what Franken has in mind. What he has in mind is emitting that all-important signal with which to prompt his supporters to foam at the mouth and loosen their checkbook. When you hear the words “spending spree” from “Al,” the real question is how many words will we have to read into the message before the words “Koch brothers” appear. The message from “Al” continues:

…you might think of coming home with shopping bags full of new clothes, or, if you’re particularly into birdwatching, coming home with shopping bags full of birdwatching equipment. Binoculars and whatnot.

I don’t know if the Koch brothers are into that sort of thing. But when they go on a spending spree, it only means one thing: lots and lots of attack ads against Democrats like me.

If true, we thank the Kochs from the bottom of our heart. Your help cannot arrive soon enough.

And for those of you betting the over/under at home, the number is 36.


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