Spending spree: Obamacare edition

We haven’t begun to account for the gusher of federal spending attributable to Obamacare, Medicaid included. What a bloody mess of pottage.

So when the mythical “Al Franken” — he who is incessantly sending fundraising email messages to “Hind” — begins his latest message, “When you think of the words ‘spending spree,’” I think of BARACK OBAMA AND HIS ROBOTIC SUPPORTERS LIKE YOU, PAL. By contrast, “Al Franken” purports to be thinking of the Koch brothers.

The incredible waste of money involved in Obamacare may not be the most important aspect of the wreckage it causes. Its tyrannical heart is surely the most important. Yet the waste is staggering, and this happens to be only one of its visible elements: “$474M for 4 failed Obamacare exchanges” (Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland).

If we can waste money like this, we must be rich. Rich beyond compare. Rich beyond the dreams of avarice, to borrow Samuel Johnson’s formulation. In any event, you may recall that in 2008 Obama promised to be all over waste like the failed Obamacare exchanges (video below). When it comes to complete and utter BS, the man is an artist.


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