The Hamas-Fatah unity government is fine in principle with Obama

On Monday, it becomes official: Fatah and Hamas will announce the formation of a Palestinian unity government. Fatah is Israel’s alleged “peace partner.” Hamas is openly dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Where does this leave the “peace process”? Israel has been clear on the subject. It will not negotiate with a Palestinian government backed by Hamas.

What about the Obama administration? It too is clear in its own way. Yesterday, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki stated:

As we’ve said all along, we’ll not make decisions until we see the final formation of the interim government and have the opportunity to assess and make a determination about whether this is a government we can work with. We will base that assessment on the government’s composition, policies, and actions.

In other words, it’s quite possible for the Obama administration to collaborate “for peace” in the Middle East with a government that includes, as a major partner, a party openly dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

But we knew that already. After all, Obama is collaborating with the government of Iran.


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