The Seven Percent Solution

Rick Moran alerts us to the survey conducted by Indiana University professors Lars Willnat and David H. Weaver. The survey reveals that “just 7% of journalists identify as Republican. This represents a substantial drop from the survey taken a decade ago, when almost 19% of journalists admitted affiliation to the GOP.”

Rick adds these cautionary words to the survey’s reported results:

That 7% number is probably inflated by economic and business reporters who may not be quite as liberal as news and political journalists.

I would also imagine that there are at least a few of those reporters identifying as “independents” who would rather keep the fact that they vote Republican to themselves. A much larger number of self-described independents are liberals trying to hide their bias.

Perhaps the most fascinating number on the graph is the 14.6% who identify as belonging to “other” political parties. Greens? Commies? Constitution Party? Probably a few Libertarian Party adherents in there too.

Rick also concludes on a fitting note:

It isn’t just “bias” that afflicts the media. It is a nauseating streak of self-righteousness that denies basic fairness in favor of serving the higher goal of “social justice.”

I would add ignorance, intolerance, closed-mindedness and stupidity to the media’s afflictions. Otherwise, Moran has it nailed.


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