The Week in Pictures: #Hashtag Edition

So now we’re going to save the world with hashtags?  How would this have gone down in the past?  “Heavy fighting; Germans putting up stiff resistance. #OmahaBeach.”  “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. #TranquilityBase.”  “Today Ukraine, tomorrow the Baltics! #PutinSmiles.”  By now the rest of the world has to be wondering: “Seriously? #WhyDidYouElectSuchAnObviousIdiot?”  You can all find at #PowerLine’s WeekinPictures.

Putin Be Nice copy

Hashtag Diplomacy copy

Hashtag Diplomacy 2 copy

Hashtag Abramson copy

Bring Back Testicles copy

Obama Climate copy

Mann Torture copy

Climate Heretic 1 copy

Obama nose copy

Rice at Rutgers copy

Hillary Butthead copy

Hurt Feelings Zone copy

Illiberal U copy

Knieval Congress Jump copy

Check Out Clerks copy

Israel 711s copy

Best Coffee Table copy

Polar Bear Service copy

Radiologist Selfie copy

Vegetarian Ham copy

Schrodinger copy

Going Twerk copy

It exists after all! Now where's my paddle?

It exists after all! Now where’s my paddle?

Penguin Bomb copy

And finally. . .

Hot 66 copy