The Week in Pictures: Trigger Warning Edition

Warning! This compilation of photos, cartoons, internet memes, pop culture goofs, and chicks with guns may trigger feelings of contempt toward President Obama, liberals, politically correct college students (otherwise called “the unemployed”), as well as triggering lust for . . . guns.  Hey–aren’t guns the proper place for trigger warnings?  I thought so.

Trigger Warning2 copyNow this is the right kind of trigger warning:

Trigger Warning copyOr this:

Tigger Warning copyBut definitely this:

Trigger 3 copy

Modern Education2 copyStudent Loans copyMcJobs copyLike Your Country copyHeads Rolling copyVA Outrage copyGovt Again copyScientific Thoery copyIndoor camera copyNew Climate Turns copyCommunist Monopoly copyAnd who knew that Paul Krugman took selfies:

Krugman Selfies copyGodzillas copyDigital Meeditation copyThis one’s for Bruce Campbell fans everywhere (and everyone should be):

Army of Darkness copyBad dog copyHavitYourWay copyEnterprise copyOut of Toner copyWily Coyote copyBanjos copy

Banjos 2 copyAnd finally, speaking of trigger warnings:

Hot 140 copy


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