The Week in Pictures: Waitlist Edition

We thought about outsourcing our Week in Pictures feature to the VA, but discovered that you wouldn’t get to see this week’s photos, memes, and cartoons until about Labor Day.  And then we’d have to resign.  And speaking of Jay Carney, it appears he’s gotten tired of lying every day.

Carney 2 copy Carney 4 copy Carney 5 copy

Carney 1 copy

Clift copy

VA Wait List copy

VA Delay copy

Recovery Summer copy

Dunce copy

Bring Baack Competence copy

Obama Godzilla copy

Obama Law  copy

Obama Dominos copyCover Ups copy Cover Ups 2 copy Clinton Marriage copy Reporter stonewall copy

Econ Policy copy

Change copy

MNichelle Celery copy

Compost Brownies copy

Hastag copy

Zen GPS copy

Antisocial tech copy

Smart Phones copy

Dog Selfie copy

Guitars copy

Ac-DC copyAnd because some of our readers have asked for equal time:

Men Guns 1 copyAnd finally. . .

Hot 88 copy


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