Thoughts from the ammo line

We have one competitive advantage over the New York Times that John overlooked in his adjacent post: we have Ammo Grrrll, and they don’t. They have, well, you name him or her. We will not abide any discrimination on the basis of sex in selecting the Times’s worst op-ed columnist.

This morning Ammo Grrrll declares ENOUGH! She writes:

So now, the Obama Administration feels that – of all the problems we face foreign and domestic — we must “pivot” urgently to address Transgendered people in the Military. Is there NO grown-up in the room? Has he reconstituted the Choom Gang?

The Military is not a door prize at the Entitlement Banquet. It is an elite fighting force to keep us safe in a perilous world. The Range Officers at my gun range are almost all ex-military and a fitter, leaner, group of gentlemen would be hard to find. Awesome shots, too.

Of all the entities that the Diversity Crowd believes “should look like America,” the Military is dead last on the list. America, in the main, is old, female, and fat. Characteristics that don’t come to mind for storming beaches in Normandy.

Speaking of which, I demand to be made a Navy SEAL! True, I am a short, weak woman of extremely late middle-age who can’t swim. But to deny me this honor is sexist, age-ist, and non-swimmer-phobic. I plan to be the first dog-paddling SEAL. In a life jacket with a Water Aerobics Noodle. Hoo-yah!

Is it possible that a particular Transgendered person could be a good soldier? Of course. So what? And anyone who can make the grade without being shoe-horned in because he/she fits a protected category could be considered. In spite of being Transgendered, not because of it.

Let me tell you about just one Transgendered person’s story told to me (without names, of course) by her physician.

We have a person born a woman. She can have sex with men or with women, even marry them. Unsatisfied with such limited choices, she elects – undoubtedly on either the taxpayer’s or insurer’s many, many dimes – to become a man, with all the hormones and various surgeries that entails. She grows the obligatory silly little goatee. Life should be good.

If you think we’re done now, you would be mistaken. Does she want her lady bits back? That has certainly occurred too, but in a way, it’s even more bewildering. Several months later, she decides – wait for it – she’s a GAY Man! Yes, you read that right. So now, instead of having sex with men with the equipment she was born with, she’s still having sex with men, only with fewer, uh, options. Well done! Is this the mark of mental stability in a person you would welcome fighting next to you?

Since I’m already way in the deep end of the politically-incorrect pool – without my Noodle – let me ask this: could someone please explain to me how the Transgendered are an oppressed group anyway? I do understand that in the transition phase a person could come in for some funny looks, even bullying. But that phase would be of short duration. And, obviously, bullying is always wrong. But why the eternal entitlement?

If a lifelong man (Oppressor, Male Privilege and all that) VOLUNTEERS to become a woman, how would he be any more entitled to privilege than if I went around in blackface in order to get Affirmative Action?

And if a Woman (Oppressed, Downtrodden, #WaronWomen) becomes a Man, has she now not changed sides in that war and become worthy of all the opprobrium heaped on our husbands, sons and brothers?

And when, dear God, can this fragmented Balkanized country ever again just look at MLK’s “content of our characters” and not worry about whether we have a wise, diabetic Latina, a straight Irish rich man named Kennedy, or a transgendered black bisexual in the Army, the Navy, the Village People, or on the Supreme Court? It cannot come too soon.


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