The PA celebrates a kidnapping

This past Thursday night, three Jewish teenagers — one of whom is a dual American/Israeli citizen — were abducted on the West Bank. The Israelis are certain that Hamas is responsible. The Israelis have taken 80 suspects into custody as part of the investigation. Reuters reports the story here. One can only fear the outcome and the consequences.

For the moment, we can also observe the reaction of the Palestinian Authority, or the Palestinian authorities. Via the Times of Israel, we learn that the Fatah Facebook page features the image below.


Via Palestinian Media Watch (and the Times of Israel story linked above), we learn that the official Palestinian Authority daily has employed the World Cup 2014 logo to celebrate the kidnapping: “Instead of the famous logo of the World Cup 2014, in which three victorious hands hold the globe, together creating the prestigious trophy, the PA cartoon shows a ‘trophy’ of three hands holding three people with their hands up in surrender. Instead of the text “Brasil” below the ‘trophy,’ the word ‘Khalil’ is written – Arabic for Hebron, a city near where the Israeli youths were kidnapped.”

pal world cup1

Via the informative IDF Twitter feed, the three teenagers are depicted below. (Naftali Frankel is the dual American/Israeli citizen.) It’s always edifying to be reminded of the nature of the beneficiaries of the hundreds of millions of dollars expended each year by the government of the United States on the Palestinian Authority.