Americans Agree: Obama Is An Incompetent Who Has Made America Weaker

This joint Democrat/Republican poll reported by the Washington Post reflects what I take to be the consensus on Barack Obama’s failed presidency:

A majority of voters say the Obama administration is less competent than Bill Clinton’s and a plurality say it is less competent than George W. Bush’s according to a new Fox News poll released Wednesday.

Sixty-eight percent say the Obama administration is less competent that the Clinton administration. Forty-eight percent say it is less competent than Bush’s, compared to 42 percent who say it is more competent. Seven percent judge Obama’s and Bush’s the same.

The difference in the comparison between Clinton and Bush is revealing: the Clinton comparison reflects (in part, at least) what Democrats really think about Obama. But this is the bottom line:

Fifty-five percent say that the Obama administration has made the country weaker; 35 percent say his administration has made it stronger.

That is stunning. For years, Democrats have been lying to pollsters to pump up Obama’s numbers. To take just one example, African-Americans have consistently rated the economy better than anyone else, even though Obama’s policies have devastated them. But despite partisan loyalty, 55% of Americans are willing to tell a pollster that Barack Obama has weakened America. It is hard to imagine a more damning indictment. And the poll was conducted on the eve of the Bowe Bergdahl fiasco.

Consider how this reflects on Hillary Clinton. She was (or claimed to be, anyway) a vital cog in the Obama administration’s foreign policy–the policy that, along with Obama’s economic failures, a solid majority of Americans think has weakened our country. Can this possibly be a platform on which to run for the presidency? Or–with a nod to today’s Twitter frenzy–to walk for the presidency?

PAUL ADDS: Unfortunately, voters may see Hillary Clinton as an extension of her competent husband rather than an extension of her incompetent former boss.


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