Climate Change: Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Forgive a second post today on the tedious subject of global warming climate change, but the absurdities are piling up so fast that they’re clogging up my browser tabs.  As regular readers know, we often direct attention to The Warmlist of all the things attributed to climate change (currently ranging from AIDS to zoonotic diseases).  Add one more to the list: climate change is preventing alien visits to earth.  I’m. Not. Kidding.

Why Haven’t We Encountered Aliens Yet? The Answer Could Be Climate Change

So why don’t we see advanced civilisations swarming across the universe? One problem may be climate change. It is not that advanced civilisations always destroy themselves by over-heating their biospheres (although that is a possibility). Instead, because stars become brighter as they age, most planets with an initially life-friendly climate will become uninhabitably hot long before intelligent life emerges.

Actually the entire article is incoherent.  But not as incoherently stupid as what has to be the Tweet of the day:

Grist copy

Yeah, glad Mrs. Cameron is mitigating the carbon footprint of her famous husband, whose style of houses (plural) runs to this (helicopter not included):

Cameron copy

I’d give the Camerons a coveted Power Line Green Weenie Award, but I think they’re deserving the inaugural Thomas Friedman Hypocrisy Award instead.

P.S.  Mrs. Cameron declares:  “You can’t really call yourself an environmentalist if you’re still consuming animals,” Amis-Cameron says. “You just can’t.”

This is certainly a relief.  But there’s a loophole.  My idea of the perfect vegan is a cow.  I regard my burgers a simply pre-digested vegetable matter.  So what’s the problem?  I can still call myself an environmentalist.  If I want to.

P.P.S.  I’ll bet the Camerons have leather seats in their luxury autos.  But they probably don’t know they come from animals.