Farewell to Boulder

I depart from Boulder on Friday morning to return to California.  The year certainly went by fast–too fast.  I should like to have stuck around for another year, since I know even better now how to torment campus liberals.  Anyway, I decided I needed to make one last gonzo bike ride through town and up and back down Boulder Canyon.  Here’s a three-minute highlight reel of the Final Bike Ride:

I’d be remiss if I didn’t make a shoutout to the Boulder Rotary Club, which had me as their luncheon speaker a few weeks back.  I had fun with them, explaining that Boulder is actually conservatives’ most favorite radical college town, for a specific reason: the greenbelt around the town that the environmentalists got in place many years ago makes it much easier to enforce the quarantine.  The greenbelt makes it easier to spot leftists trying to escape, so they can be rounded up and sent back to Boulder with a fresh bag of organic kale.  I mean, the trouble with Hyde Park in Chicago is that the borders are porous: Barack Obama slipped out, and next thing you know he’s President of the United States.

The Boulder Rotary was totally game.  Turns out they’re a musical bunch, and so they prepared the following lyrics, sung to the tune of “Home on the Range.”

Rotary 1 copy

Rotary 2 copyRotary 3 copy

Rotary 4 copy

Rotary 5 copy

Rotary 6 copy

Rotary 7 copy

Rotary 8 copy

Rotary 9 copy


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