Inside ISIS: “Clanking of the swords”

The Wall Street Journal has posted its page-one report on the massacre by ISIS terrorists of captured Iraqi Shiite soldiers. The Journal’s report is out from behind the subscription paywall and based in part on photos posted yesterday to a Twitter account associated with ISIS.

A reader directs our attention to the Dutch site GeenStihl that posted the ISIS propaganda video below (“Clanking of the swords, part 4”), complete with English subtitles. According to the information on YouTube, the video was posted on June 8. Our reader notes that the video is explicit, bloody and lengthy (over an hour). The over/under on incantations of “Allahu Akbar” must be about 1,000. Please be warned that the video repeatedly depicts cold-blooded murder. It seems to me consistent with yesterday’s report of the ISIS massacre.

The video is obviously intended to intimidate the rest of Iraq and the world. “It offers,” he writes, “many fights, explosions, decapitations, executions, intimidations of the populace, talking about taking Jerusalem and Rome, and so much more.” As you might expect, it also makes the obligatory reference to “Andalusia.”


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