Just Because…the 2nd Amendment

The constitutional right of self-defense is under constant attack. “Common sense” reforms that amount to relegating law-abiding citizens to revolvers are in the air, funded by powerful left-wingers. “Moms” are demanding action on gun laws–“#Not one more,” they say, apparently thinking that murder can be abolished by diktat. The hashtag makes it official. These “moms” marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, accompanied, needless to say, by guards with guns:


For those who don’t have armed guards, self-defense remains a good thing. Plus, firearms are fun. As regular readers know, I came to guns late in life, despite an apparently wasted youth in South Dakota. Now, I enjoy owning multiple firearms. Shooting is a fine family sport, so what did we do on Fathers’ Day? Among other things, we went to the range. Nor were we the only ones: other families were shooting together in honor of Fathers’ Day, too.

My youngest daughter snapped this photo of me early in the proceedings:


The tee-shirt I am wearing was sent to me by a Power Line reader. It is one of my favorites. On the front it has a flag and a gun, with the inscription “From my cold hands…” On the back is a quote from one of early America’s most interesting characters, and Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali’s namesake, Cassius Marcellus Clay:

When society fails to protect us, we are authorized by the laws of God and nature to defend ourselves; based upon this right, the pistol and Bowie knife are to us as sacred as the gown and pulpit.

More so, some might say!

Cassius Clay

Cassius Clay

Experience tells us that those who would take away our rights are greedy: as if they were eating salted peanuts, they won’t stop with only one. When any human right is under attack, most likely they all are. So I have concluded that those who defend gun rights–the Second Amendment–against the bad arguments made by liberals, are really fighting for all of us, whether we are shooters are not.

But if you haven’t yet discovered guns, I do suggest you give them a try.


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