Re: Eric Cantor

A reader writes with a timely expression of gratitude to Eric Cantor:

Though I would have voted for Dave Brat due to the immigration issue, I just called Eric Cantor’s Washington office to express my gratitude for the work he has done over the past five years. Sometimes we forget how gloomy January 2009 was, with the Presidency and Congress (supermajority, no less) in liberal Democrat hands. He, John Boenher, Paul Ryan, and other “Establishment” Republicans circled the wagons and re-organized themselves when it would have been easy to go along with the so-called tide of history (at least the Democratic view of it).

Again, I profoundly disagree with amnesty or doubling immigration and am dumbfounded why many Republicans are so enamored with Big Business. Yet, we should be magnanimous towards Cantor, even as we try to defeat him and other Republicans who are trying to have both ways on this issue. Let’s not humiliate the man as he leave the House; if nothing else, that is bad business.

There is much more to be said, but little of which I am as certain as the rightness of treating Cantor with respect and magnanimity in the aftermath of his humiliating defeat.


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