The All-Purpose, One-Stop Shopping Racism Hub

Regular readers of Power Line know that we keep close tabs on The Warmlist, the site that catalogues everything caused by global warming climate change, which now spans 883 things starting with AIDS and ending with zoonotic diseases.  (Yeah—I had to look that one up, too.  It has to do with diseases transmitted by insects, etc.  Nothing that a little DDT wouldn’t beat back in many cases. . .)

Well, some public-spirited citizen has performed the same service for the all-inclusive go-to default liberal explanation for the universe:  The list starts with Academic Freedom and ends (right now) with Zionism, though of course the United Nations has known this for 40 years.

My favorite is perhaps the MSNBC charge that media coverage of Obama “selfies” are racist:

The media’s coverage of President Barack Obama’s “selfie” photograph with two European leaders during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela was both racist and sexist, according to MSNBC’s regular guests appearing on the network’s dayside news block with anchor Thomas Roberts. reporter Irin Carmon blasted the selective focus on some photographs of the “selfie” moment for elevating a “confluence of racist and sexist stereotypes.” She said that the focus on first lady Michelle Obama scowling presented her as an “angry black woman” while the suggestion that the president was flirting with the female Danish prime minister presented him as the “oversexed black man.”


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