The Funniest Left-Wing Reactions to Hobby Lobby So Far

As Paul and I have already noted, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision is carefully circumscribed and may or may not ultimately amount to much. (“Meaningless,” is now appellate lawyer Mark Arnold described the decision.) But that hasn’t stopped lefties (hardly any of whom have actually read the opinion, of course) from going crazy.

The funniest reactions so far have come from lefties responding to the SCOTUSblog’s Twitter feed. These individuals suffer from the misapprehension that in addressing SCOTUSblog, they are talking to the U.S. Supreme Court. The folks at SCOTUSblog couldn’t resist responding in character–sort of–and the results are pretty funny. You can see lots of distressed lefty tweets at Twitchy, but here are a few of my favorites:

One progressive read SCOTUSblog’s snarky responses to the lefties’ misguided complaints, and still thought he was reading the words of the court’s justices (Scalia, most likely):

Somehow, we conservatives have to figure out better ways of appealing to the impenetrably stupid. It isn’t going to be easy.