The mullahs read Obama

In another harsh editorial — “Hapless Obama” — the New York Daily News reports on the mullahs’ reading of Obama:

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has bluntly taken the measure of President Obama as a paper tiger — and the United States commander has only himself to blame.

Delivering an address on a stage hung with a banner that read “America cannot do a damn thing,” Khamenei Wednesday sneeringly declared that Obama has abandoned military force as a tool of foreign policy.

“They realized that military attacks are as dangerous or even more dangerous for the assaulting country as they are for the country attacked,” Khamenei said, adding: “They have renounced the idea of any military actions.”

The Daily News concurs in the mullahs’ judgment. Referring to Obama’s West Point commencement speech last week, the Daily News editors add: “Distressingly, the ayatollah’s pronouncement was a fair reading of the global philosophy presented by Obama last week, in a speech that was designed to explain his principles of international relations.”

The mullahs have had Obama’s number for some time. The fact that the Daily News now takes note represents another piece of evidence that we have entered the Killer Rabbit phase of the Obama presidency.


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