The Week in Pictures: Arms for Hostages Edition

And another thing Obama doesn’t understand about being President of the United States: when you make a bad deal with Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, you’re supposed to trade arms for hostages, not terrorists for hostages.  I’d have been okay with it if Obama had in fact traded arms for hostages; heck, he could have thrown in the legs of the Taliban Five as well.

Left Behind copy

Deserter copyEvil Has Landed copy

Mexico Trade copy

Coal Cars copy Coal JObs copy

Obama Con Law copy

Left Guns copy

Make Guns Illegal copy

Sound of Death Metal copyPC 101 copy

Dem Votes copy

Illegal Aliens2 copy

Is this some new kind of mall I've missed?

See what global warming can do?

Empire Car copy

Ironic Bob Ross copy

Bear in the Woods copy

Guys Guns 3 copy

And finally. . .

Hot 93 copy