The Week In Pictures: Destitute Liberals Edition

We know that liberalism is destitute of ideas and common sense, but who knew that liberals—especially a certain prominent couple that occasionally billets in Chappaqua, NY—were literally destitute as well?  Poor, poor Hillary.  Speaking of destitute, it was hard to miss the wreck of Obama’s foreign policy this week.  One news report says were making plans to evacuate the American embassy in Baghdad–the one we spent a fortune worthy of the Clintons to build.  Welcome back, 1979.  Or should we say, #WelcomeBack1979?

Poor Hillary copy

Hillary House copy

Hillary Broke copy

Destitute Liberals copy Destitute Liberals 2 copy

Broke Hillary copy

Billary copy

Bagdhad Barack copy

Red Line copyAir Support copy

King Obama copy

Reagan v Obama copy

Impeach-Mint copy

Cantor copy

Boombox copy

Che Poster copy Che shirt copy

Final Exam copy

I wonder what happens next. . .

I wonder what happens next. . .

Spock Snap copy

Cat Worship copy

No Dogs copy

Stripper Dog copy

Dog2 copy

Guys Guns 9 copy

And finally. . .

Hot 1000 copy



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