There’s Only One Political Genius in the Clinton Family, and He Isn’t Running

Hillary Clinton’s book tour has not gone well. In interviews, she has been flustered by the most foreseeable of questions about her record. She whined about how she and Bill emerged from the White House “dead broke,” earning ridicule from, among many others, Mad Magazine:

Broke Hillary copy

When the backlash struck, Hillary dug the hole deeper by explaining to the Guardian that, with a fortune of a mere $100 million, and delivering speeches at $200,000 a pop, she and Bill are not among the “truly well off” because they pay ordinary income tax rates. Try to explain that one to the voters!

Plus, her book is already relegated to remainder tables across the country.

Before the furor could die down, poor Chelsea Clinton stoked the fire by saying, “I was curious if I could care about (money) on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t.” This, too, prompted howls of ridicule, especially on Twitter (via Twitchy.)

Someone added up the time Chelsea actually appeared on NBC and calculated that she is making $26,000 per minute. That isn’t entirely fair, of course. You have to count the time she spent getting made up, too.


People are describing Hillary and Chelsea as “tone deaf.” Well, yeah. But the problem is more fundamental. There is only one politician in the Clinton family: Bill. He was the political genius of his generation. Hillary, on the other hand, is his wife. If she had married someone other than Bill, we never would have heard of her. She scored one electoral triumph: she was elected to the Senate from New York, a state where she did not live, while she was residing in the White House as First Lady. That is just deeply wrong, but it is the only evidence of Hillary’s supposedly powerhouse political talents. It is no coincidence that as soon as Hillary goes on the road and has to act like a politician, she flops.

Here is a prediction: I have no idea who will be elected president in 2016, but it won’t be Hillary Clinton.