Thoughts from the ammo line

Our friend Ammo Grrrll ends the working week with a bang. She takes a look at the invasion occurring on our southern border and declares: “HALLELUJAH, IT’S OBVIOUSLY THE END OF RACISM!!” She writes:

Many years ago, Albert Brooks wrote and starred in the wonderful movie Lost in America. Briefly, a highly-paid ad executive and his ditzy wife chuck the high life to go on a quest to discover America and “to touch Indians.” Hilarity ensues. But early in their adventures the wife loses their entire nest egg in Vegas. An apoplectic Brooks explains that since she cannot understand “the nest egg principle,” she will be forbidden from even SAYING “nest egg” or any part of “nest egg”: “You will have to call a nest ‘a circle of twigs,’” he says. This came to my mind as I read the reports of tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors being dumped in America on spec to cash in on prospective amnesty. Huh? Bear with me.

How many times have you tuned in to a news network panel discussion on “comprehensive immigration” only to hear some frothing La Raza hacktivist accusing opponents of raaacism, of simply hating all brown people? La Raza means “the race.” (THE Race? Haven’t we tried this before? Does Master Aryan Race ring a bell?)

Well, this obviously-coordinated Children’s Crusade means game over on the racism accusations. A country safe enough for busloads of brown children is not racist. Would a Guatemalan mother not be scared to death for her little brown children if she believed this? Clearly, she KNOWS America is not racist. The trick is getting TO America through a phalanx of cheating, lying, brutalizing, raping, thieving, murdering “coyotes” who happen to be the same color as her children. Like a horrific game of Human Frogger.

As a Jewish parent, I see dozens of countries on several continents to which I would never even ACCOMPANY my child, let alone have sent him there without me when he was young. Heck, I wouldn’t even send a Jewish child to Presbyterian summer camp now that their bigoted, leftist crapweasel leadership has passed “divestment.” But that is for another day.

So either the tedious race-baiters of The Race have to ADMIT that this is one of the few countries on the face of the earth that can be counted on to try to feed and shelter their little ones until this travesty is sorted out; OR, they have to admit that these are horrible parents to deliberately send their children into the belly of a racist beast.

So is America good, or are brown parents monsters? Pick one. And if they say that the kids are not coming to be Tot-Squatters for Amnesty, but are just desperately fleeing gangs and poverty – right this minute, curiously, after generations of poverty –then, once again, what COLOR are the exploiters and beheading drug dealers in those countries?

The beleaguered American taxpayers of all colors (but majority white), will attempt to deal with this wholly-manufactured “humanitarian crisis.” I never want to hear the word “racism” in regard to this issue again. In fact, when a Professional Race Card-Dealer from The Race is on the next panel, he or she should not even be allowed to say any part of “race.” If they want to talk about a hundred-yard dash, they should have to say “a thing where people run fast to cross a finish line.” Ya basta! Enough!


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