Tomorrow @ The Reagan Library

It has been ten years since the passing of Ronald Reagan, nearly 20 years since he withdrew from public life altogether following the announcement of his Alzheimer’s disease, 25 years since he left the White House, and 50 years since his famous “Time for Choosing” speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater that launched his political career.  (I’ll have a long article about that when the time comes in October.)

Tomorrow the Reagan Library is marking these anniversaries with a half-day program that includes a panel discussion featuring me, Lou Cannon, Time magazine executive editor Michael Duffy, Peggy Noonan, and author Craig Shirley.  Tickets are still available for LA-area residents, but the panel will be webcast for those of you not in the area.  The time of the panel has changed slightly from what’s on the website (it will go off at 10:45 am Pacific time, not 11 am as it says right now), and you can find the webcast info tomorrow morning by going to the Reagan Foundation website and poking around.


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