Voters Blame Obama, Bush Equally for Iraq Crisis

That is what Rasmussen Reports finds, anyway:

Voters are evenly divided over whether it was the actions and policies of George W. Bush or Barack Obama that have contributed more to the crisis in Iraq today, but the current administration gets lackluster reviews for its response thus far.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 31% of Likely U.S. Voters rate the Obama administration’s handling of the situation in Iraq as good or excellent. Forty percent (40%) say the administration has done a poor job responding to the crisis there.

Logic might suggest that since a couple of years ago, Barack Obama was claiming Iraq’s peaceful democracy as one of his greatest achievements, he should bear the brunt of any criticism for what has happened since. However, given how closely Bush is associated with Iraq, and considering how bitterly partisan Democrats are on anything having to do with that country, this result is a pleasant surprise. As time goes by, presumably voters will increasingly come to associate Iraq’s crisis with the Obama administration’s policies. It is the Islamic radicals of ISIS, of course, who are really to blame for the current bloodshed.



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