A Message to Our Readers In Melbourne, Australia

Google Analytics tells us that there are some. So: my oldest daughter, whose engagement and wedding I noted on this site, is moving to Melbourne. In fact, her airplane is landing right about now. Her husband’s company has stationed him in Australia for the next two years, and Laura has a work visa and will be looking for employment starting tomorrow, more or less.

She works in marketing and public relations; most recently, she has worked for a well-known comedian and helped to run his theater in Branson, Missouri. Like all of my kids she is smart; among other things, she is a good writer. But her special talent is an extraordinary degree of competence: she is unusually good at getting things done. This makes her very popular with employers.

So, it probably is a long shot, but if you are in Melbourne and think you might be interested in interviewing Laura, send an email to [email protected] She will be happy to send a resume and take it from there.

So, will my wife and I be going to Australia before long? Definitely. We are thinking Christmas and New Year’s could be a good time. If that works out, I will do my annual Christmas post from Down Under.


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