Cleta Mitchell: IRS annoyed by Power Line

We have followed True The Vote’s case against the IRS for obvious reasons and have asked TTV counsel Cleta Mitchell to keep us as closely informed as she can. The case is important in a number of respects and the public interest in the case as well as related inquiries, I think it is fair to say, is rather high. We know our readers are intensely interested in it.

Cleta has responded to our inquiries with brief messages and copies of important papers filed with the court, both of which we have posted here. Cleta is under no gag order and there is nothing wrong with her responding to our inquiries as she has. Indeed, it turns out that there is more than one thing right with it. It has annoyed the IRS.

Keeping us in the loop, Cleta provided a copy of her letter to the court regarding the destruction of evidence by the IRS. In a brief follow-up message after letting us know about the court order entered yesterday by Judge Walton in response to True The Vote’s motion for an injunction, Cleta noted that the individual IRS defendants (referred to collectively by Cleta as “the Cincinnati Defendants”) had expressed their displeasure. In response to my thanks for the update yesterday, Cleta wrote: “By the way, the Cincinnati Defendants took a shot at me in their response to our motion by saying that I shared our letter with the media…and cited you and Power Line! Congratulations!!!”

Thanks, Cleta. We are humbled.