Faithless execution: Border edition

At a naturalization ceremony on July 4, President Obama vowed to do “everything I can” to pass amnesty legislation that would give a pathway to citizenship to all of the country’s illegal immigrants. He apparently believes that he hasn’t done enough to get out the word that he does not believe in border security or the enforcement of our current immigration law. With the invasion across our southern border by unaccompanied Central American minors, I conclude that the word is out.

Brittany Hughes has posted a vivid report of the border nightmare in “The ‘DREAM Act’ I saw: ‘It sure doesn’t look like Ellis Island.'” Isn’t it time to call out the National Guard to stem the invasion? Governor Perry is obviously right that it is. Which means that it won’t be happening any time soon, if Obama has anything to say about it.

Obama’s plans tend in the other direction, toward the exercise of executive power to support illegal immigration. See Major Garrett’s intensely reported National Journal story “Obama’s immigration independence day.” Neil Munro reports in the Daily Caller that the administration is delivering 290,000 illegals in the current invasion to homes in the United States. Munro links to New York Times articles here and here.

Obama’s behavior in the current criss lends support to the most fevered interpretations of Obama’s aims and motives. We are under invasion. A reasonable man might conclude that Obama supports it.

UPDATE: And this just in, from Kevin Williamson: “Born on the fifth of July.”