Hamas presents

The invaluable MEMRI supplies the subtitles for the video of Hamas at work underground; the video was recently broadcast on Al-Jazeera TV in Qatar and Al-Quds TV in Lebanon. In the footage, as Stuart Winer notes in the Times of Israel story on the video, heavily armed masked men in camouflage can be seen making their way through the narrow tunnels. The video’s narrator claims that they are on their way to carry out a “military operation against the occupation forces.” The excitement mounts.

If there was a military operation, it would have been directed against Israeli civilians (the “occupiers”) rather than against the IDF (“occupation forces”). That’s just the way they roll and it is chilling.

It takes some creativity to endow terror tunnels with glamor as Hamas continues its advances in violating the laws of war and civilized norms, all in the name of Allah, of course. Check it out.


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