Hillary Was Against the Reset Before She Was For It

The Russian “reset” has always been regarded as Hillary Clinton’s baby, one of her smug “smart diplomacy” initiatives. Why do we associate the reset with Hillary? Because it was Hillary who presented the famous button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in 2009. She sure looked happy about it then:


In the ensuing years, Hillary was always glad to take credit for the Russian reset. As recently as June 13 of this year, Hillary doggedly claimed that the reset was a “brilliant stroke which in retrospect appears even more so.”

But that was before pro-Russia Ukrainian separatists used a Putin-supplied surface-to-air missile to shoot down a civilian airplane. That incident, on top of Russia’s other transgressions, must have been the last straw. Because now Hillary is disavowing her role in the “reset” fiasco. Now she tells interviewer Fareed Zakaria that she was “among the most skeptical of Putin” in the Obama administration, and that she documented her skepticism “in meetings as well as in memos to the President.” So it’s all Obama’s fault! Sure, Hillary. Here she is:

When she starts running for president for real, it will be interesting to see what Hillary claims as accomplishments during her four-year tenure as Secretary of State.


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