Left’s Reaction to Hobby Lobby: Let’s Go Crazy! [Updated]

Virtually no liberals have read the Hobby Lobby decision or have any idea what the Supreme Court actually ruled, but that hasn’t prevented them from making fools of themselves. Since the Court issued its ruling yesterday morning, it has been wall-to-wall hysteria on the Left. This video montage, compiled at Grabien, is an entertaining look at the Left’s response to Hobby Lobby. Get out the popcorn:

MSNBC was hardly any more over the top than the New York Times editorial board, which accused the Court of “Imposing Religion on Workers.” I must have missed the footnote that said Hobby Lobby forced its employees to attend Mass and receive communion.

There will be much more of this to come. The outcome remains uncertain: so far, being crazy has been a reasonably successful political strategy for the Democrats.

UPDATE: Seen on Twitter: