Media Alert [Updated][Updated Again: How to Listen Online]

I will be guest hosting the Laura Ingraham radio show both tomorrow and Thursday. The show airs from 9:00 a.m.-noon Eastern time. I am expecting a good lineup of guests for the two shows, including Jeff Sessions, John Thune, Marco Rubio, Steve Hayward, Stephen Hunter and Katie Kieffer. Please tune in if you can!

UPDATE: I have also added Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, to the lineup.

MORE: Laura’s show is not on the radio everywhere–for example, here in the Twin Cities. And listening online is behind a pay wall on her web site. But my enterprising wife came up with this in a comment, below:

I use TuneIn to listen to Laura’s show when I’m on my laptop by going here.

That’s a Fresno station ( where the program is on from 6 to 9 am Pacific time (8 to 11 am Central time). TuneIn also has an app that I use on my phone.

So, unless I am missing something, that is a place where anyone can go to hear the shows tomorrow and Thursday.


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