Media Alert: Tomorrow’s Final Lineup

Bennett Banner copy

Media update: Okay, the lineup is set for my turn tomorrow morning as guest host for Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show (6 – 9 am EDT). In the first hour I’ll have on Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies (gee–I wonder what our topic will be?); in hour 2, I have on Utah State Rep. Ken Ivory, to talk about his efforts to wrest control of western lands from the federal government, and in hour three I’ll have Charles Murray and Jonah Goldberg on to talk about liberalism versus progressivism.  (I’ve assured Jonah that since this is radio, he needn’t offer his usual guarantee that he’ll keep the nudity tasteful.)

In the second hour (7 am EDT), depending on the breaking headlines and callers, I hope to say a few things about the recent controversy over Danielle Allen’s claim of the significance of a possible punctuation error in the Declaration of Independence. I was a student of Danielle’s father, William Allen, way back when. Tune in! Call in!  Power Line readers will go to the head if the caller line!

UPDATE: I took a stab at the last minute, and am delighted to announce that Danielle Allen has agreed to come on the show at 7:05 eastern time.  Her new book is Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality.  I’ll have a polite argument with her about some key points.


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