Pelosi parrots Qatar’s description of Hamas as “humanitarian”

Nancy Pelosi says that the United States must look to Qatar for advice in resolving the war between Hamas and Israel. And the beginning of the wisdom Qatar has imparted to Pelosi “over and over again” is that “Hamas is a humanitarian organization.”

Qatar, of course, is the main ally and financial backer of Hamas. Indeed, Hamas’ leader, Khaled Meshaal, operates from Qatar.

For that matter, Qatar is believed to have helped fund ISIS and it certainly supports the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama State Department has labeled Qatar’s support for terrorism since 9/11 “significant.”

Should we be surprised that Pelosi believes the U.S. must seek guidance from Qatar when it comes to Israel’s conflict with humanitarian Hamas? Not really. Pelosi also thought that the U.S. should develop close relations with Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian butcher. “The road to Damascus is a road to peace,” Pelosi idiotically declared in 2007.

Pelosi is just a knee-jerk San Francisco leftist who lacks the sense she was born with. The real question is whether Team Obama views Hamas and Qatar (and the rest of the world) through the same “see no evil” prism as Pelosi.

The answer, distressingly, is yes. In fact, John Kerry operated just as Pelosi said he should — meeting with the Qataris and the Turks and reportedly presenting Israel with essentially the ceasefire agreement peddled by these friends of Hamas.

Again, we should not be surprised. Who was Nancy Pelosi’s partner in appeasing Assad? Why, it was John Kerry — and eventually President Obama.

In 2010, Kerry proclaimed himself “absolutely convinced” that, with carefully calibrated American diplomacy, Syria “will play a very important role in achieving a comprehensive peace in the [Middle East].”

Now, he apparently wants to assign this peacemaking role to the emir of Qatar.

What is it about so much of the American left that makes it a sucker for authoritarian anti-American regimes? Is it admiration for the power these governments wield over their people? Is it the anti-Americanism itself? Or is it just a desire to wish away foreign policy problems and get on with the pressing matter of expanding the reach of government here at home?

Whatever the answer, I’ll give leftists this much: their tilt towards authoritarians like Hamas is more coherent on its face than that of libertarians.